About Alphacladding

Alphacladding was founded in 2014 to help provide a solution to the growing market of curtain wall and window wall projects. Built around the knowledge, experience, and teamwork of 3 business partners who have worked together for more than 25 years, Alphacladding was strategically positioned to bring a major solution to the table.

We excel at custom designs, and we have the capability to work around your needs. The quality of our work is handled and approved by the founders at every stage of the process. Design, development, manufacturing, installation, and coordination are all managed directly by one of our owners.

Why Alphacladding

When choosing and recommending the right façade company for a project, there are a number of different aspects that any building owner, architect, or general contractor must consider to ensure that they make the right choice. And when it comes to each unique project, these considerations span things like:

• Reliability • Reputation • Experience • Quality • Efficiency • Communication • Value • Timing

Alphacladding is a fully integrated Curtain Wall Company that provides a comprehensive design, manufacturing and installation services for any building owner, architect, or general contractor seeking a custom design or off the shelf façade system for their building. Whether it be recladding for an existing façade, or an entirely new, complex façade that completely transforms your building, we work hand in hand with the lead architect to create a work of art that serves as a true expression of individuality for generations to come.


Each of our three owners have their roots in the Glassalum International Corporation, which was one of the most prestigious Façade Company School’s in the world.

The owners-operators of Alphacladding LLC. participate in the daily design, development, manufacturing, installation, and coordination of each phase of our projects. They bring all their personal experience in order to provide Owners, Architects and clients in general a complete vision of their project, helping them with technical solutions that upgrades the conception they have of their buildings and the best possible way to reach the results they expect in the project.

For this very reason, we always have our clients connect with our owners right off the bat.

• The immediate response to the Clients, Owners, Architects and Contractors.
• The responsibility for a work well done, and the delivery of results with the best quality.
• The exclusivity of Custom Design and versatility of standardized tested systems, to accomplish any project regardless of complexity or schedule limitations.
• The interaction with the Architectural Team from the very beginning, providing Design Assist.

The Founders have worked for a number of high-end significant projects throughout the cities of New York, Boston, and Miami.


Juan Alpizar

Director of Business Operations

Certified General Contractor State of Florida, Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture
Successful entrepreneur, Juan is a highly talented, and accomplished Engineering Designer, with solid skills and experience in Project Management, Construction Development, Quality Control, and execution of custom facades. Juan is also in charge of estimating and negotiations of contracts. With more than 32 years in construction and 22 years of experience in Curtain Wall and Window Wall Facades, Juan was part of the key people of many highly recognized facades companies located in South Florida and former owner of Gamma North America.

Vice President

Mike DeHarde

Director of Production and Installations

New York City Buildings General Contractor
Mike is an accomplished Ironworker who is an active member of the Miami Local Union 272. As one of the first installers of unitized curtain wall, he has accumulated extensive knowledge during his active career of 40 years working in curtain wall facades. Mike acquired vast experience during his work in other well-known façade companies and spans miscellaneous materials such as metal, glazing, and stone. This includes Fabrication, Supervision, Management, Equipment, Quality Control, Safety, and Labor Negotiations. His excellent performance assists him in an effective organization of all the field operations. Mike DeHarde is also a former owner of Gamma North America.

Vice President

Roberto Banbanaste

Director of Engineering and Design

Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
Engineer, Designer, highly motivated and dedicated, with more than 30 years of experience in Construction, of which the last 21 years have been devoted exclusively to the Design, Engineering, Management, Quality Control and Manufacturing of custom facade systems, acquiring his impressive experience conducting well known projects as part of the Engineering and Design Teams of some of the biggest Curtain Wall companies located in South Florida.

When you work with Alphacladding, you develop a direct relationship with a company that can get things done. Design, development, manufacturing, installation, and coordination are all managed directly by the owners, according with their field of expertise. Each of our clients are given a direct point of contact with them to ensure their needs are always taken care of.

Alpha Engineering Team

Alphacladding has been established as a premiere player in the field because we've worked to build our reputation around the exceptional service that we provide, the quality finished products that we produce, and the dedication that our team offers each and every day. We leverage our many years of experience, our strong background in curtain wall façades and space geometry, and sophisticated production software to help bring our clients' dreams to life.

We can proudly say, when you have a team of highly skilled and dedicated people by your side, we can make sure that any facade will become a reality, whether it behaves geometrically friendly or freely, non-linearly; Consequently, we can easily execute any dream conceived on paper to please the owners and architects. We rely on our team - we rely on our decades of interaction and the wealth of knowledge and diverse experience accumulated during our years in the industry, and we rely on our dedication towards not only meeting the expectations of our clients but exceeding them too.

Our leadership group has worked for a number of high-end building companies and have completed a number of significant projects throughout the cities of New York, Boston, and Miami.

At Alpha We Are

Family Forward

Alphacladding’s team environment is second to none. The majority of our team members, engineers and installers, have worked in conjunction with our owners for more than a decade, during which they have overcome many obstacles to maintain or better the schedule. You see, we’re not just a team – we’re a family united under the common goal of creating awe-inspiring custom façade designs for our clients.