Our Process

To successfully complete our tasks, we have worked to develop a seamless approach to the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of facades. Our 20+ years of experience allow us to take advantage of our solid knowledge in curtain walls and spatial geometry to develop a sophisticated production software to help make our clients' dreams come true.

Curtain Wall is a complex business that demands a lot from the people who work on that field, but it is fascinating… The passion we all share at Alphacladding is the key to the satisfaction of our clients, and the door that will open to many opportunities in the future.


The façade is like the skin of a building; it’s the barrier between the inhabitant and the elements, and it can be made to interact freely with the exterior, assuring the best performance on the interior.

The façade is also directly related to the look of the building, expressing its individuality. That is why our designers work hand-in-hand with architects in every possible way to exchange views and opinions while learning new things along the way.

The more we communicate with the architectural team, the better results we reach as it relates to the beauty and the performance of our buildings.

We also offer Design Assist for your convenience

The Climate of a Building

The beauty and finishes of a building are very important, but the comfort of its users is a top priority in our industry. Also, the interaction of our Façade and the impact of our operations to the communities.

During the process of designing a façade system we pay attention to the physical and environmental performance of our buildings by combining the most advanced tools that are available in the market (i.e. Thermal Simulation).

Industry Leading...

Materials & Technology

One of the keys necessary for the success of every organization is to be up to date. New materials are implemented every day because science is always evolving.

Alphacladding is also in tune with the advances of technology and we’re continuously expanding our use of new materials. As we continue to learn more about the new materials, we can have a wider spectrum of advice at the time of consultation with our clients. In order to keep this policy, we remain dedicated to researching and learning new developments in our field and applying them to our work.


As we work hard to achieve excellence in our work, we are devoted to the technological solutions that power our team and allow us to offer our clients the very best results for every project. We understand that when we invest in technology, the latest software and systematic training, we instantly provide our team with tools that will help them to succeed as we take on new and more complex projects.

Visual & Performance Mock-Ups

Mock-Ups provide us with a deeper insight into the effectiveness of our design before we move to production.

Visual Mockups are a very important step to review and help the Design team and Owners to visualize the final product. In this process we are able to review the following elements:

  • Glass composition
  • Frit Patterns
  • Aluminum Finishes
  • Shadow box
  • Paneling
  • Stone Configuration
  • Louvers, etc.

Also, we show interior elements like stool trims, column covers, and other interior finishes that can help the Design Team.

testing of a frame

Performance Mock-Up is a portion of the building which represents the existing conditions, in real-life size, built in a specialized testing facility. Testing a piece of the building gives us an idea of the behavior of our system and based on the test results, we can guarantee our design and performance. In order to ensure safety, all our products are strictly tested according with the Florida Building Code and the Miami Dade County product approval.

The Installation

Installation is a complex part of a curtain wall system. Alphacladding has an installation dream team with more than 35 years of experience in the business to help ensure a successful installation process with every project. The excellence of their work and expertise can turn any challenging job into a simple task. Our installation crew is one of the most experienced in the market.

We comply with OSHA requirements and all standards of safety, which is the cornerstone of a successful installation process.

Sustainability at Alphacladding

Alphacladding LLC. is a proud member of the US Green Building Council. For us, nothing is more important than always being on board with the latest sustainability measures and initiatives to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.
An important part of our mission is to conduct our business based on these principles of sustainability:




Those principles allow us to control our consumption of energy to ensure that we do not waste it. We are constantly working on reducing our waste by recycling materials we use in our office and implementing e-files, emails, and reducing our printed materials, which minimizes the use of paper and storage.